Unresponsive and unreachable Particle team

Since Jun 12th, I’ve been trying to reach the Particle Team for support.

  1. I opened a support ticket that day (ticket ID is 91912) and to this day I haven’t received any answer whatsoever.

  2. I’m unable to post anything in the General and also the Troubleshooting category of this forum, I made a post that received no answer:
    What is the General category?
    That’s why I ended up posting in “Hardware”

  3. I also ordered some Particle products on Jun 18 and I haven’t received any update (P32202). I think it’s fairly normal for orders to be shipped between 3-5 days? At this point, I want to cancel that order.

I know we are living in extra ordinary days but, hey wouldn’t it be nice to have a heads up at least? If you are taking longer to ship things, post a notice on your store.

I’ve been a Particle user for a good while (I even have the Champion badge!), I actually felt excited to send an email to the support team to see how the process would go but I feel a little let down.

Hi Ivan,
maybe @will or @marekparticle can help here?


I found your support ticket and it has been assigned, but I’m not sure why it hasn’t been handled yet. You have the Dim D7 issue which can be caused by an under voltage condition. The Embedded SWD often does not work to fix this issue. The Particle Debugger or ST/LINKv2 work more often, but it’s also possible for those to fail to work.

In any case, your Electron can be replaced when this happens, and hopefully your ticket will be responded to soon so the replacement operation can be completed.

Your order has not be fulfilled because the Boron LTE is currently on backorder, and the order will only ship when all items are available.

Sorry for the difficulties. If you wish to change your order you should submit a different support ticket as order tickets are handled by a different team.


Hi @Iv4n, a member of my team will respond to your ticket ASAP.

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@rickkas7, thanks.

When I ordered the Boron LTE it was “In Stock” and it continued to be In Stock for a few days more. Shouldn’t the store reflect when an item is on Backorder and you are ordering it? similar to what the SoM currently shows as Pre-order.

If by any chance there was some inventory mistake then wouldn’t have an email be the a good way to communicate that? Now that I know why it hasn’t ship it’s still unclear however, when is the backorder item expected to arrive. That could mean anything from 1 day to 4 months (or more?) of waiting without me knowing.

I’m just pointing out what I believe is a shortfall, or maybe things work differently in the hardware industry.

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Thank you!

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