No response from support

I have a new Boron that will not complete the setup process. I’ve been using other Boron and Xenon devices so I’m familiar with the setup process. I submitted a support request on 2/22 and again on 2/27. Aside from the automated response with a case number, I have not heard anything from the support team.

A week seems like an excessive amount of time to wait for help on an issue like this. Does anyone know of a way to contact someone at Particle (e.g. a phone number)?

We can try to ping @mstanley and @ParticleD. They may ask for the logs from your mobile particle app to help diagnose. You can PM them that info if they respond or post the logs here and update your support case with a reference to this thread.


Hi trpropst,

I apologize for the wait to get back to you on this. Unfortunately, support is currently addressing a higher than normal volume as of late, which has lead to delays in ticket responses.

For the particular issue you wrote in about, which is the IMEI and ICCID returning blank–this is a recently uncovered issue that I have been actively working with engineering on to resolve this issue and unblock customers.

I am told this pull request which was just put out a day ago or so, actually resolves this issue. Unfortunately it is not released as part of any public binaries yet.

Because this is such a blocking issue for those experiencing it, I am trying to work with our internal teams to expedite a bugfix release sooner, rather than later, to allow Boron owners to get unblocked.

I am hoping for an early release next week for this.

Sorry about the delay on communication. But do rest assured this issue is being addressed.


@mstanley, I also just received a response on my ticket #74325. I added the IMEI / ICCID information on that ticket.

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