Particle is letting me down!

I have several devices on a government account. I use my government credit card to make purchases for my signs project and recently I had a charge for which I have no invoice which is getting me in hot water with the USAF!!!

I have tried on multiple occasions to reach Particle with their limited avenues (the stupid form) and they will not reach me back!!!

I am trying everyday to show the USAF how I use these IoT devices to save millions. Still never received my preorder for the Boron and such. I have multiple USAF Agencies impatiently waiting for me to make them a product. Particle is really letting me down.

I really hate to post like this but Particle has literally left me no choice.

If you’re Particle this message is for you! Please call me on my mobile <redacted by mod>. I have to set this right. An enterprise relys on your product!

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We have pinged the team of this post.

If you still did not hear from them, feel free to @ me. :slight_smile:

You can also try
You can also tag individual Particle employees in this forum via PM (PMed you a list of potential individuals).

There have been several posts in this forum and mails to preorder customers to inform about unplanned delayes and the reasons behind them.

I was unable to find any support tickets after September 2017 with the email address you signed up to the community forum with, but if you PM me the other email address I can look into it.

The mesh devices won’t be shipping until October 2018.

For SIM card or device cloud charges, you are normally sent an email with the billing details. If you require an official pdf invoice, you currently have to request one using the support form (Shipping, Returns and Pricing, then I need an invoice for my subscription service.). Make sure you do so using the same email address as the account. Unfortunately this has to be done manually right now, so there’s no way to automatically get a pdf invoice every month but it is something that is planned for the future.


The email is likely
<redacted by mod> (sent via PM instead)

awwh, maybe edit this post and not let your mobile # hang out there - just trying to save you from more spam…

Well a another business day gone by and still “chirp chirp” nothing. This is quickly making me lose faith.

I replied by email to the account your community account uses with the invoice earlier today. There are no charges associated with the account email you posted later. Did you not receive it?

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I have not. I did leave my mobile number which was redacted. I could use a phone call so we can settle it in a more private arena.

This is about much more than monthly data.

I have also PMed the phone number to Rick when I redacted it.
Maybe you can send the device ID and ICCID to Rick in a PM too - I just sent you an invitation to the respective PM conversation.

Well the Particle team is working with me in a PM environment. Things are becoming more and more resolved.