What's going on with Support? No emails / zendesk issue?

OK, this is weird. We were working on an RMA (several dead out of box Photons) from the original Kickstarter run. Pretty routine.

Back and forth with Particle staff, making progress… then suddenly radio silence. Sent followups to the zendesk email - nothing.

Send new request to hello@particle.io describing problem. No reply.

So, particle Staff - what’s going on with support?
And community - have you had any issues with support or general responsiveness lately?

Small glitches we are fine with, but this is getting a bit… disquieting.

  • Karl

How exactly were they 'dead'? One faulty one seems possible, but multiple ones in a single order seems increasingly unlikely :o
(also, there was no Photon kickstarter?)

I've pinged support on this, and I suspect they'll get back to you soon. I've got no clue what happened on the background, but they should normally be quite responsive.

We will have that support agent follow up today.

Thanks for raising visibility on this issue.

-Corey @ Particle

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Hi Corey -

Thanks, but the last guy dropped the ball so hard I’d prefer someone else – preferably senior enough so I don’t need to wait on them constantly checking up the chain for help. We’re pretty frustrated with how this RMA has gone, and want things resolved quickly.

Also, I don’t want to have to start from scratch with the new person: is my zendesk conversation visible to the new help person?
Email thread was: support+id28241@particle.zendesk.com

Quick summary: we had a number of units exhibiting issues, some clearly electrical. Other issues might be because the photons were assigned to a product with mixed photon / core environment.

BUT - we cannot remove devices from the Product in dashboard. See other support threads about this. So we’re stuck until Particle staff can assist by removing devices from our product - we cannot. This is the point we were at when Harrison bailed on us.

Appreciate your help. We’ve been very happy with the Particle product offering and toolset, but support has been sub par in this case.

It may seem like a minor thing, but we’re putting a lot of faith in Particle’s culture and ability to deliver. When things get flaky, we worry if we’ve made a good bet.



I’ll be giving you a call in the next 30 minutes!