Not receiving any support

More than a month ago I submitted a ticket asking for assistance with my paid data plan for my electron (which wasn’t joining the cell tower…a month and a couple more emails / tickets to your zendesk and still nothing…this is quite disappointing and poor form…

I’d like this issue resolved and to know what is going on please…second month being billed for an unusable product!!

btw zendesk ticket # 30289

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Hi @hdemeillon,

Sorry about the delay on the support response, the team is just getting back from Maker Faire and working through the support queue. It looks like you sent in a lot of requests on the same day, and some of those were merged into your main ticket.

It looks like support is waiting on feedback from engineering, so I’ll try to ping those teams and see what’s up. What’s the model number on your electron and what country are you trying to connect in? You have an antenna attached, what’s the signal strength you’re seeing on your device?