[Resolved] Help with Return

I ordered an Asset Tracker kit (3g - Americas, U-260), but in the box it had the European version of the Electron, U-270.

I made a support ticket but havent heard anything yesterday or today. When I try to track my ticket I can’t log in to zendesk. I’m looking for any information available.

I don’t see how making someone wait from Thursday to at least Monday for a response is fair after charging $145 and sending the wrong product.

This happened to a few orders in the recent days and your ticket is awaiting processing by shipping. It’s not lost. Sorry for the delay and the lack of response; it fell through the cracks between support and shipping.

Sorry about that,

Thanks, I consider this issue resolved after our email conversation. Please feel free to delete this thread, otherwise people reading should know that it was an honest mistake and they got in touch as soon as they could.

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