Boron 404X on allocation?

Is the BRN404X currently unavailable? The wholesale store shows “This item is currently on allocation and may be subject to a lead time. Notify me when available” and “Lead time: Shipping late November”. We’re now into mid - late December, is this on allocation or has the wholesale page not been updated?

Maybe @Colleen can assist here?

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I believe BRN404X shipments were stopped temporarily while a problem with the ADC was being investigated. Device OS 4.0.2 was released yesterday which fixes this in software. There was a possibility a hardware change could have been required which is why the shipments were stopped.


Thanks Rick, any idea when they may resume?

Not certain at this time but we should have that info in the next week or so.

Happy New Year! Do you have any updates that you can share?

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@Colleen any updates?

@Colleen @rickkas7 any idea when we will be able to order Borons again? We’re on hold, again, with nothing to tell our customers.

Hi @Mjones individual BRN404xs are available now and wholesale trays will be available in March.

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Thank you Colleen. The wholesale store is still showing “On allocation” and “shipping late November”, I’m assuming this just hasn’t been updated and won’t affect an order that I place?

You assume correctly. And if you experience any issues DM me and I’ll see what’s going on.

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