Looking for any available BRN404, 404KT, or BRN402 willing to purchase and pay shipping

I’m looking for any Boron LTE boards that anyone may have laying around or not needed. Let me know either through DM here or email at MichaelJ8503@gmail.com

I have few of these I could part with. What does the community feel they are worth? With a fresh order delivery estimated over a year from now, I assume that some ready for immediate delivery would command a premium? I don’t want to gouge anyone, but I might as well find out what the market value is, and my money is a bit tight lately…


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Sent you a message.

@Jimbol - I’ve sold a few BRN402s here and there to guys who need them from this community. For me, I was trying to get all new hardware I have on hand to Ethersim instead of BRN402s. I’m not here to price gouge anyone or really make money on buying/selling Boron’s. In my opinion, the right thing to do was to charge the same price as the Particle Store + shipping. If I was on the flip side of the deal, I know that is what I would appreciate from someone else. In my view on life, it’s like karma… what goes around comes around. :slight_smile: So I personally was willing to help out others from this Particle community without trying to profit from it. That’s just my view on life… I’m sure you could likely charge more if you choose to do so.


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