Global Chip Shortage & Particle Hardware

Hey all,

We wanted to provide an update - that due to the global shortage of semiconductors that is impacting the electronics industry - we have been informed by our suppliers to expect lead times of over 40 weeks on many items.

Our global team is working actively with our sourcing partners to identify alternate channels of components that will reduce lead times and help maintain our supply of products.

To help our customers, we are doing two things in the short term:

  1. We’ve created a page, that we will use to track lead times for products that are most significantly impacted by the shortage and keep our customers informed.
  2. We will be allowing customers to submit their email for items with long lead times in our retail stores if interested. We will use this to provide you with updates on availability going forward.

If you’re planning to acquire products that have long lead times this year, we strongly recommend that you submit your email through the product listing on our store. Once we receive your email, we will reach back out once the product is closer to shipping.

Sorry… maybe a basic question but what do you mean by submit your email through the product listing on our store. I have an account, I can add products to a cart and checkout but I don’t see any location to submit interest or “waiting list” or anything like that. Was expecting something like “sign up here to be emailed when we have status updates on availability”. Maybe I’m just missing something.

Hey Jeff, thanks for the mail. Most products are in stock right now in the Retail store, hence you can add them & checkout in our store as you note. However if you search for say the P1MOD10 sku in the store, you will see the option to sign up to be notified when its available. Hope that helps!

Would have been smart to get Particle working on ESP32’s.

40 Week Lead Times is brutal.

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