Any new hardware on the horizon?

I think the recently posted jobs are giving some hints… :sparkles:


@gusgonnet Sweet. I was wondering what to expect next from them and this makes sense.

The ESP32 having Bluetooth and Ethernet MAC which is interesting :slight_smile:


wow, then with this move, Particle not only opens their cloud to new markets and MCUs, but the may be also addressing one big feature people was asking for: ethernet connectivity (without having to develop it themselves*).
What a great move, for them and for us. Win-Win!

*: they still need to port the HAL to Espressif


Yes, I thought the same thing.

Bluetooth, Ethernet, Cap Touch Sensor, Dual i2c ports, more I/O ports, i2S Audio, maybe a lower cost, that’s all great.

Just hoping this doesn’t take years to get stable like the Photon is now :slight_smile:

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Also hoping that the new footprint of any new hardware is backwards-compatible with the Photon/Electron.

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I know nothing about this stuff, but let’s bet on something just for the fun of it:

  • 4 months from now to get to ALPHA
  • 6 months from now to get to BETA
  • 12 months from now to get to STABLE
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We all know it takes tons of people to put these designs through all the different scenarios before finding all the obvious bugs.

I don’t see many ways to bypass that testing timeline even if you have a good budget but I would love to see otherwise :slight_smile:

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