Hardware Refresh Plans?

Hello Particle,

I was wondering if anyone from Particle could share any information on hardware development plans for the Photon and/or Electron. By my calculation it has been 3 years since the Photon started shipping, and around a year and a half since the Electron shipped.

Don’t get me wrong, these two products are still head of their classes in hardware specs, software tool-chain, and great customer support. However there are things that could be improved: floating point processor, speed (MHz), memory (Flash and RAM), lower cost, power utilization, etc…


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The E Series (previous code name E0) is about to be announced today (or this week).

Not to spoil for others I’ve hidden your post tho’

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What a coincidence I would ask this question today. Thanks. I can’t wait to hear about it.

Have a look

That sounds great for the Particle company, and I’m sure many people will be excited about this upgrade to make use of in real industrial applications. But this is not for me, one lonely guy trying to make stuff at home for fun. Thanks for the response though.

Hey there @rvnash – we understand it’s been a relative period of quiet for Particle over the last couple of years on the new product development front. Fortunately, we one of the impacts of our most recent fundraise is that we can reinvest in new product development to deliver exciting new hardware on a more frequent basis.

We expect to be very active in the next 12 months! Can’t wait to share more plans when they’re more fully baked.