Particle's next wave of products


Just curious if the latest wave of new products (Argon, Boron & Xenon) has settled down enough that efforts could start on your next endeavor of product/s, and what your thoughts on what they might be that we could look forward to.

As for myself, I loved the photon and used it in many, many projects. But since the release of the ESP32 with dual cores @ 240MHZ, Wi-Fi and BT I just could not pass it up. Personally, i think with the awesome back end that particle brings to the game I just think they would dominate a great part of the market if they came out with their own ESP32 module. Much like what Arduino did for the Atmega.


I’d bet they will ride the gen 3 train for awhile. The photon lasted 3+ years and the electron 2+ before they started promoting new hardware. They still have plenty of tricks up their sleeves and features to add to gen 3 before a new platform is introduced.



@RWB, Glad you remembered me :wink:


Are the 3rd Generation devices even ready yet? How can you even think of Particle moving on to new boards? I may have missed it since I’ve put my particle stuff on the back burner and haven’t paid much attention the last several months, but do they have high availability networks yet? I’ve been searching and can’t find any reference to it since their “priorities for 2019” discussion.

80% of the boards I got in the preorder have never been unboxed. I just learned I can use my Boron LTE boards in Canada now which was a nice surprise, but I don’t want to accidentally start my cellular data plan until I can actually use it as a back-up connection for my wi-fi.


Any news on High Availability Networks?


As someone working in the industrial enviroment I would be more hurtful then helping to release more hardware so soon. Companies like Digi have long standing products with great support. All the features are fully mapped and reliable. It should be rock solid before moving on. Also, personally, I don’t trust Chinese ESP chips in my IoT devices. ST and Micro have equally powerful chips.

That being said! I would like to see more focus on low power and especially a deep sleep under 100uW. Perhaps a 1.8V based board would be awesome to see.