Particle as a product

For anyone looking for information on how particle products would do as a full blown consumer product, I leave Monday for the largest tradeshow in my industry. Our entire show rides on a product created on the particle platform (photons and electron). I have so much confidence in their lineup, I’m putting the future of my company in their hands.

None of this would have been possible without the Particle team, and special thanks goes out to @Moors7, @ScruffR, and especially @rickkas7 all three of these guys were instrumental in helping with coding, and troubleshooting. Thank you guys.



Good Luck and let us know how it goes!


Goo luck. Give the rest of us that is on the same path confidence to continue developing.

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Go get them! Tell us more about your industry & product!


I meant to update this thread sooner than now, but work got busy after the show. The response to our product was great, IOT is very sought after in any new technology, and it showed in the reaction from customers. I’m in the access control industry, my product takes wiegand data (from cards, codes, or transmitters) and sends it over the cloud to the controller, eliminating wiring and labor costs.