New Particle hardware?

I saw this on my FB feed just now


Do people have ideas/speculation whats coming? The right device looks different than the rest, so it could be more than one device announcement.

I hope its a BT/Wifi combo so that we can move away from Soft AP for setup.


@rahilj, after four sleeps all will be revealed! :rofl:


I just saw this on Twitter. I wish it was a bird’s eye view.

I’m very interested in what the boards will have.


NICE! I figured this new prouct release was long off into the future!

I’m guessing the one on the right is Cellular, Wifi, Bluetooth all in one :slight_smile: That would be awesome :heart_eyes:


Hmm, interesting - what would be a use case for all three radios in one? Just, generally curious…

Also, I wonder if Particle will stick with the molecular-names (photon, electron). They are so few names that aren’t obsure.


Same! I wonder if one of these is the ESP32 board that we’ve been looking forward to.
Also the boards look like they are Adafruit Feather form factor, which is nice.


For me it would be to allow my portable product to send status data to the web via Wifi, Cellular, or Bluetooth, whichever method is most efficient for the particular situation my product is being used in.

Bluetooth would also allow local data transmission to a Phone or Tablet without using Wifi or Cellular.

Or the Bluetooth can allow my product to communicate with external accessories wirelessly at a low power level. The ESP32 has Bluetooth built in so it’s not really like they have to add another Bluetooth module to the board, it’s a bonus.


Assuming all we know already I don’t see these being anything other than the ESP32 based modules they were hiring people to code for.

Of course, that is just an assumption.

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What do we all know already😱?

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and a $9.99 price?

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We can dream can’t we :slight_smile:

It will be interesting to see the pricing.


$9.99 for the dev board is fair. I do hope they sell the certified-module (like P1) for half of that. It does make sense for Particle to move away from making profit off of the hardware and focus on cloud subscriptions for product makers.

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And definitely no ethernet on any of these products despite a lot of people asking for.


But if these boards are Feather compatible then maybe you could use the Ethernet featherwing.

If Particle has decided to sell these new boards at cost and focus on expanding income with their Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) then designing the boards to be Featherwing compatible is a pretty good idea considering that gives end users tons of add-on accessories that Adafruit has already designed and are in stock now.

Less work for Particle and more options for the end user. Win-Win for everybody.

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That’s what I’m dreaming of right now.

These look so much like feathers.

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It looks to me like:

Left = ESP32
Middle = ESP8266
Right = ESP 32 + Cellular Radio

The Wifi Antenna uFL connector is under the USB port.

Since parts are mounted under the board, I wonder if there are any surface mount versions in the works?

I’ve never used JTag so that’s all new to me.


I’m especially excited about the ESP32 board.

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hmm, that’s not a scalable solution for a product. I wish particle would provide an ethernet solution backed by their cloud. It drastically would reduce development + support costs for product makers. But I realize that Ethernet is not an option for many product makers.

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