Poll: / Discussion: What do you want to see next from Particle?

Here’s a Poll for everyone! I’ve listed this as “/Discussion” since I don’t think I can capture everyone’s answers in a simple poll.

What would you like to see next (post-Electron) from Particle?

  • More Hardware
  • More Software
  • More Resources
  • Something Else

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Please write more specifics in the comments!

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An easier language to work with than C/C++
Most of my difficulty comes from coding on the devices in C/C++

I don’t know what would be most appropriate, maybe Rust, Python or Swift.

More Reaources is my vote with focus on extending the cloud side of things. AWS cloud formations to making deploying a backend infra easier. Cases, PCB design tutorials (hangouts), a product creation peer group managed by Particle, more Proto2Prod, etc. These are selfish goals as I ultimately want to bring a product to market and the Photon/particle cloud have lowered the barrier in many ways but in other areas a lot of expertise is needed. Joi Ito said in his Ted Talk “Education is something someone does to you, Learning is something you do to yourself”. Enablement is the key to more products being brought to market. Great talk for any one that’s never seen it and relevant to what I’d love to see. Not a complaint or a knock just what I’d love to see Particle start to organize/deliver. Great products and excellent experience with staff, Champions and fellow community members, keep up the great work!

i choose more software as in, extending the hal with i2s support and extending the web interface so can easier copy files from liberies into your own project and a better way to report errors will coding. for me it is always a big search to find what the real issue is when i make an errorin the code.

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Some consolidation period to get docs, “bugs” and IDEs ironed out and fullfill promises spoken out and then postponed since the early Core days :wink:

You are doing a tremendous job, but these little hickups somehow spoil the over all experience.


Mesh networking so we can communicate directly between Photons and use Photons to extend the Wi-Fi range by hopping data across devices.


@ScruffR is sooo right.

When one’s in the middle of things one cant’ see one’s achievements.

This is particularly at hand in the current situation. Particle has done already so much in such a short time. It is now time to look at all issues and solve them. My proposal is to start a clean team that will solve all issues, they should work in close collaboration with the community and form a layer between the developers and users.
At the same time let the development carry on in silence so they can finish the roadmap and bring a new release / product when they are ready.

This technique I used many times with large software projects, so it might as well work here too :wink: ( not to say that this is a small project!)


Build a collection of devices that are truly pin and software compatible, but differ only in the communications method. All would have WiFi, plus a choice of
a) Bluetooth
b) Cellular
c) Radio (NRF24 compatible)
d) None (WiFi only)
All of the devices would have identical footprints, and support LiPo battery (just like the Electron), and be 100% software compatible, with at most a recompile needed to support the different target device.


Call me greedy, but I want a little bit of everything. :smile:

On the hardware front, I’d like to see more add-on boards/sensors. For home-automation projects, maybe some Z-wave stuff. For car projects, maybe an OBD2/CAN interface. And of course, libraries to support them.

On the software end, I’ll second the vote for some mesh networking. Also, I was wondering the other day if it would be possible to use clang to cross-compile other languages (JavaScript, Rust, etc) into firmware.

And as for resources, we could always use more/better code examples and instructions, especially for some of the more non-standard tasks (setting up local development toolchain, local server, etc).

That said, I think the Particle team is doing a great job!


I vote for resources.

Photon running a Wi-Fi configuration webpage out-of-the-box, such as :

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I would really really love to see the softAP library that was talked about a while ago. Having wireless inter-communication between photons is why I bought them. Other than that, great product!


BlueTooth is coming in a package from bluz.io btw it seems :smiley:

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Wen you say Swift are you referring to Apple’s programming language?

Them local Cloud with updates and robustness.

Local compile and flash from Particle Dev

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+1 for easing local compile and flash.
+1 for extending communication protocol support

But my biggest recommendation would be to iron out existing bugs reported by the community. Plus a suggestion - Improve logistics and plan early for Electron shipments to make smooth deliveries.

Kudos to the team for being open and engaging the community.

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Yes - Swift has been Open Sourced by Apple.

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I clicked ‘more hardware’, but should have been ‘different hardware’.
As @Awake said, I’d like a modular approach on the RF section (taking WiFi for granted).

Zigbee is great on the 868 MHz band. Mesh-and-the-like out of the the box, without interfering with WiFi stuff.

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Currently, there is WiFi and coming soon is cellular.

What I would like to see is something in the middle, a device with long range but not dependent on cellular connections or power hungry WiFi. So for instance 5Km range to transmit simple data to control stuff around the garden. Just an idea :wink: (5km might be a bit much, but lets say 1km effective range)

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