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@christine Maybe you could make a poll for people’s preferred way of flashing code. The Web IDE, Particle Dev or Particle CLI.


@christine, here is a poll suggestion: Are you using your Photon to develop a product or for a Maker project?


I would be interested in a poll about what product should Particle make next (after the Electron).

It has been discussed in the past, but I expect people have different ideas now.

This category is looking a little sleepy, but I’m adding a suggestion here in the hopes that someone is watching. It appears new users with lower trust levels (so far!) can’t post to Polls, or I would have just posted directly. What I was hoping to see was an update to the “Who are you?” poll. Maybe the exact same questions. Particle’s done some cool things in the last year and a half since the poll was done in Oct 15. Can we just run it again? I’m curious if there are any big changes.

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