New Particle hardware?


If Ethernet were to be supported by Particle, why wouldn’t a feather style be okay for a dev board? For production, I’d assume one would route their own Ethernet port to the module. That’d make it a bit more flexible as far as layout is concerned, no? Haven’t had the need for one yet, so haven’t put too much consideration into it so far.
To put it differently, how would you suggest a Particle-enabled Ethernet board should look like? I’m curious :slight_smile:


It’s a somewhat deflating tone I sense in some posts. We see some exciting new announcments being made but some already seem to focus on the things we haven’t seen but what we do see should be as good as free too - despite the fact that something isn’t seen is no proof that it won’t ever be.



By teasing us with carefully focussed promo photographs and no hard information Particle is leaving us to speculate for the next three sleeps. In to that void will flood excitement and high expectations. I’d much prefer that they simply announced their new products.


All good fun with the tease! Bring it on!


Marketing is a valid concern as well :wink: By keeping it vague, people’s guesses give insight into what’s being expected. And a good build-up keeps things exciting. Can you imagine Apple/Samsung/whomever just dropping new products out of nowhere? There’s no fun in that :wink:


If one of them is a ESP32 & I hope and pray it is. ESP32 does support Ethernet!!
I have one of these and a simple add on board with a few parts is all we would need.


It’s gonna be a truckload of goodies so stay tuned! :yum::zipper_mouth_face::nerd_face:


If this is the case, I am crazy excited!!!


Out of curiosity, what specific features of the ESP32 make it so desired, other than it being “all the hype” right now? What does the ESP do that other chips don’t? What makes it stand out?


Crap, This probably means none of them are ESP32. There is no “hype” about it. I have been playing with the ESP32 for a couple weeks now. This is an absolute amazing part. Forget the cost for a moment as its one of the lowest cost solutions out there. You get Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth, dual core, 240MHZ, & 4Meg Flash. Can add external flash & ram should you need even more. Small size, the list goes on and on.
Comparing apples to apples, I can think of no other part that can touch what this can do. It’s in a league of its own.

They are soon to release new modules as well. One of them being the ESP32-WROVER, features both a 4 MB external SPI flash and a 4 MB external PSRAM. with this, you have room to swim in with your code, think of all the threads you can have running doing concurrent things. No more need for timers to check on things because you code is held up doing something somewhere else.

The only problem I have found is finding a IDE that is as good as Particles solutions. Arduino, is not a viable solution for me, their IDE is a joke to say the least.


I’m not confirming, nor am I denying anything. I’m merely interested in the ‘why’ behind all the speculations. Having only used the Particle ecosystem so far (aside for one necessary Arduino GRBL detour), I haven’t played around with many other MCUs. As such, I’m curious as to what else is out there, and why one solution would be preferred over the next. In that regard, thanks for clarifying the ESP, seems to make sense.
The only way to know for sure what Particle is going to do, is to sleep a couple more nights :scream: :sleeping: :sleeping_bed:


You mean not sleep a couple more nights :grin:
If there is even a hint an ESP32 is in the air from Particle. We will get the best of both worlds. A device that is awesome, and a rocken IDE that works great!


… and finally, I hope, a solution from Particle sporting both BLE central and WiFi. Sorry, but I am obsessed with that combo.
Even Ethernet with POE would not be bad at all.


So what site should I be glued to see what this is when its revealed ?


You already know your going to be checking their Twitter, Blog, Webstore, and this forum :smile:

That should keep you covered :wink:

Who knows where they will provide details first.

Just get your credit card ready before they all sell out :spark:


Ya, I don’t have a twitter account, I just don’t want to miss the excitement. But ya, your right about the getting the C.C. ready. Just hope they have enough stock, and I can get in on the gig.


I’m not on Twitter either but you can check out their post via this link:


That looks like a JST connector on the left – which will be awesome for the Photons (and potentially saving a $10 powerboost converter+the size/space/etc)


Maybe we have satellite communications? :thinking:


Where are the frikin laser beams??? :crazy_face: