Negotiations with CPC / Easier UK Access

A few months ago (ok, like December) Stephanie mentioned that the :spark: team were in final negotiations with CPC, so soon we’d be able to order from them directly (great news for UK buyers).

Has there been any news on this?

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Pinging @Steph — she’ll have the latest news here.

Things have definitely been happening behind the scenes…

Nothing I can announce yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were Cores for sale in the UK by April :wink:


Awesome - thanks @Steph


Would this mean those of us with orders for the March production run would be best waiting for CPC, or are we okay leaving our orders direct?

For now I’d say leave your orders direct just to be sure

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Any plans for a German Distributor?

Talking with a few right now. Do you have any recommendations @hansamann?

In your search for distributors and help while at the initial manufacturing/getting out to users stage - have you spoken to the guys at The Raspberry Pi foundation? They’ve got manufacturing facilities both in the UK and China and licensing agreements with EU distributors so they might be able to help out with hooking you up with contacts. They’re a friendly bunch too.

So the really big ones are and, if you get those that would be excellent. Most likely smaller ones are easier to deal with, in this case checking the Adafruit distributor tab on their site seems like a public info you could tap into.,

On a forum I found this crazy list and discussion about many many more. Have it translated by g translate if you need

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Great idea @turkeywelder - we’ll absolutely reach out to them. I’ve been looking at lots of lists online but also love to hear from both a customer and vendor perspective how people like different distributors.

Thanks @hansamann - hugely helpful!!

@Steph Happy April :smile: Any good news for us UK makers/developers re CPC (or others)?

Happy April to you too! All I can say is official announcement coming this month :wink:

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I am in the UK and would like to order the Spark Maker Kit and news on a UK distributor and availability?

thanks james

Hey James - you will be able to order directly from the UK in about 2 weeks. Deal is done, just waiting on our new cores and PR!

Thanks Steph, will keep an eye out - cheers james

Hi Steph, any update on the UK distributor - thanks james

I would love an update on this aswell @Steph

@bigjme @jpdewing Deal done, Cores and more on their way to the UK. Waiting on formal announcement before I officially confirm anything :wink:

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