Delivery time for Spark orders

I attempted to ask this information through the contact email but I never received reply. I may need a bunch of cores really quickly. When I first ordered my core it took 4 weeks. Is delivery any faster now? Is there any way to pay more to have it delivered faster?

which country?

if you’re in the uk cpc have stock and stuff usually arrives from them in 2-3 days, or you can pay for next day delivery.

@pixelboy Apologies that you did not get an answer - we’re a bit in flux in the moment as we transition to SF :smile:

We’re working hard on launching new shipping options for around the world, we’ll be offering USPS, DHL Express and, within the US, Fedex. Everything will be shipping out of California in the future.

If you’re talking about ordering 50 or more Cores I’d ask that you contact me directly at so we can arrange that. Hope this helps, and as @sej7278 says - CPC does have Cores in stock!

@Steph I’m in Canada. What is the current turnaround for delivery here?

As of Monday turnaround time should be a day or two, and shipping 6-10 days. In the next 2 weeks we’ll also be shifting to have all of our shipments coming straight out of the US, with options for USPS or DHL shipping internationally. Should be much cleaner and faster :slight_smile:

Will this affect the shipping cost to international destinations? I ordered last week and paid $6 shipping. What do you expect the shipping cost to be to South Africa when shipping from the US?

@recre8 Yes, this will definitely affect shipping costs, but will still be in line with other hardware shippers. We’ve gotten so many complains about HKPost and have had a ton of packages lost so it was important to us that we make changes. For USPS 1 Core to South Africa will be under $12. Right now it’s $6.78 and we believe this will be much more reliable. We’ll also have DHL Express available for a bit more. I’ll do a community post about it when we’re ready to launch!