[Solved] Core shipment delays

Hi All,

With the current shipping delays would it be possible to get some regular updates on how long until the Core is shipping again?



@Steph, could you help out here?

Hey @semaja2 - fingers crossed a big thing of Cores is supposed to be delivered to our fulfillment center on Monday. It’s stuck at the port in Oakland due to some labor stuff but we’re hopeful it will arrive ASAP. We also have a separate shipment of Cores (coming to the US via air instead of via the port) that is scheduled to arrive within the week.

So long story short I expect Cores to be shipping by the end of the week!

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Thanks for the update Steph, any new updates as I believe Monday has passed now?

@semaja2 Yes! Cores actually just arrived at our fulfillment center. They should be inventoried and ready to ship tomorrow :slight_smile:


@Steph Hooray!!! Thanks for the awesome news :slight_smile:


@Steph my order has been paid for now, but has been stuck in processing for shipment, any ETA for the cores to be shipping from your fulfilment centre?

@semaja2 I can hopefully get that info for you! Can I get your order number?

@vivek I have had an email from the support guys and its all been sorted now, thanks for offering