Ship via FedEx/DHL/UPS? Express shipping generally?

I’ve just entered an order for a dozen cores and other bits but discovered late in the process that “Regular” (which I assume means postal) is the only means of shipping available (at least to customers in Singapore). I’m generally uncomfortable with items of any value going by post and am in any event not willing to wait the month[s] that this usually takes.

Is there any way to arrange express shipping?

You ordered via the spark core website? The distributor, seeedstudio sells them on their website as well and various shipping options are available. :slight_smile:

Sadly, Seeed Studio has no stock at present.

Ah so the stocks have all be run out indeed! Anyways the stuff will be shipped from them so i guess arranges can be made :smiley:

Let’s hear from the :spark: team or @Steph might have more details!

@rolandturner We are moving towards having more shipping options available. We will have several options available for shipping from our US warehouse within the US but are still figuring out exactly how it will look when shipping internationally. We’ll keep you posted on that!

Seeed has ordered more stock from us and will have them once this newest manufacturing run is finished up.

Thanks for the help @kennethlimcp!

Understood, thanks. I have subscribed to a Seeed stock notification for Spark Core availability.