New Shipping Options!

Hi everybody!

I’m very excited to let you know that today we will be launching new shipping options for direct orders of Spark products.

Those of you in the US can now select from three different speeds (via USPS and FedEx) for your shipments. For international purchases we’re excited to now offer both DHL Express and USPS as options for many countries.

We will also now be shipping directly from California which will give us significantly more visibility into our logistics process and make things much more streamlined and straightforward.

All of these changes will mean a slight increase in shipping costs for some locations but given the options, visibility and speed that we’ll now bring to the logistics side of things we think it’s a change for the better.

More details on our on options and shipping policies can now be found here:

Thanks to everybody for your support as we get this side of the business optimized :smile: The new options should be live in just a few hours!



You should probably re-read this section again:

Exchanges for Defective Cores

Producing thousands of Cores per year, a few are going to have flaws. We want you to have a perfect Core, of course! In order to determine if your Core is a defective, we’ll ask you to do some cross-checking, and then get a replacement on its way. If you suspect a faulty Core, please write us at, using the same e mail you ordered with, and our Engineering Team will:

However, we are a company committed to delivering quality products, and will gladly replace all units that fail to meet our standards. In order to determine if your Core is defective, we’ll ask you to do some basic troubleshooting that can be completed regardless of your technical ability. If your Core is determined to be defective, we’ll send a replacement on it’s way. If you suspect a faulty Core, please send us an email at using the same email with which you placed your order, and our Support Team will:

-Confirm that you have completed the documented troubleshooting steps
-Determine if the original hardware requires replacement
-Facilitate the delivery of a replacement unit, and issue a return label for the defective hardware

Something doesn’t feel quite right. I suspect it’s the duplicate paragraph… :wink:

Other than that, “jeey” for extra shipping methods!

Totally right - thanks @Moors7!

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Just in time for me to buy a few more!

Just bricked my last core :frowning: my own fault, should have done more testing instead of just plugging it in…