April 2014 Shipment / Tracking

Hi there!

I’ve had an order placed back in Feb 2014 and after all the production problems my card was charged on April 27th with a promise of a shipping tracking number a few days later. I haven’t had that tracking number sent to me yet and despite having sent two emails (10 days apart from each other) to hello@spark.io I have received no response or explanation.

Is there anything that someone can tell me about this? Anybody else with similar shipping dates and problems?



I’m sad to hear that you have yet to received the tracking number!

Let me ping @Teke and he will post back soon :smile:

Thanks, @kennethlimcp, I appreciate the quick reply.

It is very frustrating not having the tracking number and not even knowing if my cores have been posted or not, as you can imagine. I’ll eagerly await @Teke’s reply.

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HI there, @ceottaki - Sorry for the delay. I’ve had a request posted to our fulfillment team in China, but I have not received any tracking information yet. Please see your thread in e mail. Thanks for reaching out, we have an incredibly high volume of shipping questions pending and we’re working as fast as we can to push the orders through. Warmly, @Teke

Hi @ceottaki - apologies for the delay on this! You are actually our first shipment to the Isle of Man, so we’ve had to do some special things to get your order out! @teke will be sending you a tracking # asap :smile:

Just sharing my ordering experience, I placed two separate orders in April and I received a tracking order for only one of them. The other just showed up about a week later.

@Jackalopes Sorry about that! Tracking #s are a bit of a messy issue right now - something we’re working on ironing out though. Tracking #s are manually sent to us from China and then we manually send them out - I do my best not to let any fall through the cracks but I’m sure they do. We’re moving most shipping over to the US so it will be a bit more expensive but much cleaner :smile:


@Jackalopes and @ceottaki

I’ve had similar frustrations with shipping. Ordered mine awhile ago and having issues with shipper, perhaps lost package.

Thanks, @Steph and @Teke, my Cores arrived yesterday! Thanks for your help sorting out the shipping issues, I’m sure you guys will end up getting this right, considering how right you got everything else.