Shipping method + est delivery

Hi guys, I’ve pre-purchased last month (May), when is the next shipment date for the Spark core?
Also, is there tracking for the package if it gets shipped? I’ve looked into the celery website for shipping tracking and est dates so far I cant find any info.


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You should receive an email once it’s shipped.

I’ll just ping @teke for him to take note :slight_smile:


HI there, @grumblebot - Apologies: Celery is supposed to be including an auto-response that shoots out with your order (I’ll copy the full process below), but they’re just getting around to that now. The entire process has been taking 2-3 weeks for International shipping, but someone just reported getting theirs in eight days here in the States(!!!). It’s gonna get way faster soon, but for now . . .

Hi there -

Currently our eCommerce ordering & shipping process goes like this (we will be adopting a much simpler system this summer :slight_smile: :

  1. Place your order on our website - operated by - by entering your credit card into their system, or using your PayPal account.

  2. When your order is ready to ship, your credit card or PayPal account will be charged (this can take 2-3 days after you place order).

  3. Tracking numbers are issued as they are received. There is a significant delay between when we receive the numbers, and when they become active in the shipping company’s system (USPS, DHL, Hong Kong Post, Singapore Post, etc.). Packages frequently arrive to customers before they receive their tracking info.

  4. If your payment is declined for any reason, you will be notified, and can make one attempt at repairing it in the trycelery or PayPal system(s). If it fails a second time, we have to cancel the order and ask you to reenter with correct payment info.

  5. Shipments generally take 2-3 weeks to complete, but it’s getting faster every week. We really appreciate your patience!


Hi @teke just giving this a bump. It’s been a month since I’ve ordered a Spark Core and not tracking code has been sent yet. Lemme know if theres any problem with the shipping :smile:


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HI there @grumblebot - I don’t have an order for the e mail address associated with this Community account. If you write me at, refer to this thread, and include your order ID, name, and/or e mail used, etc., I can research to see if there’s a problem and give you the full update.



Thanks @teke, details sent.

Hi @teke, lemme know if you’ve received my email. Thanks

Yessir - Waiting on an answer from China re: your tracking number so I can give you an update!


Hi @teke & @kennethlimmcp,

The shipment was sent to the wrong address. Its now in the hands of a different person. From what I’ve gathered, your China office sent the wrong address as I have on the trycelery shipment page.

I’m very very VERY disappointed with how the shipment was handled.No tracking code for like a month. No options for shipment. The parcel service personnel was really rude. Was really patient waiting for it in good faith of Spark’s reputation.

Now, I just want a refund.

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Hey @grumblebot!

Sorry to hear that. The parcel personnel being rude and you having the passion to try out :spark: core are 2 separate matters!

I’m sure you will still love having the core and tinker if we treated them as 2 different issue.

I wished it was done better and we have no control over the shipping company staff. With that said, rest assure that I’m not pushing the blame to others!

@teke should be up and running in a few hours and will liase with you directly.

Have a great day! :wink:

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Good morning, @grumblebot and @kennethlimcp!!

@grumblebot - I’ll connect with you on our thread in the Customer Service center, but I thank you for bringing this to the Community Forum. We have a solution-driven philosophy here at :spark: - and while we strive to do our best in all dimensions of building this business, mistakes do happen, and we can always do better and we will get your problem sorted and solved.

As @kennethlimcp mentioned above, our various shipping companies are entirely separate from Spark itself, but we take full responsibility for their errors as our own. We will get to the bottom of this, and issue you a refund if that is your desired solution.

I’ll see you over on the Zendesk side, @grumblebot . . .


Hey @teke, @kennethimcp,

Thanks for replying, just give me a poke or email to rectify the issue.

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Hi Teke,
It looks like delivery times are improving, my Spark was ordered on 21st June, dispatched 27th June, and arrived here in the middle of France this morning 2nd July - only 5 days for delivery.


This is really nice to hear, @jasea - thank you so much for the feedback. @Steph is working incredibly hard putting together new shipping options, and refining the logistics systems throughout. And we have a person - Faye! - in Shenzhen who has been stalwart and awesome with everything from one-off packages, to large distributors shipments. And of course our Community has been incredibly supportive and patient as Spark grows and matures. THANK YOU!!


Thanks @teke, everyone in the Spark team. The package arrived yesterday and it took 5 days to get here.
Props to everyone in spark for being very helpful on the situation and quick to take action!