How long from order time to ship?

I just ordered a sparkcore, and the payment system was powered by Celery - something I’m new to. Correct me if I’m wrong but Celery sounds like a system for charging customers and processing orders as supplies become available.

If this is the case, how long will it take for my order to process and the sparkcore to ship?


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Hi @Catalyst right now it takes us 2-3 days to turn orders around and get them out to you! It’s more immediate depending on if you order during the week or weekend :smile:

Our communication delay comes from the fact that it takes a few days for our Chinese fulfillment partner to get us final tracking numbers and then we match them with order numbers and email them out.

Hope that makes sense! Order and shipping system is definitely something we’ll be working on streamlining this summer!


I ordered mine 9 days ago. Should I expect something soon? I dont seem to have any useful information on how to track or question my order.

Hey there, @id8872 - the entire process takes 2-3 weeks (when @Steph said 2-3 days to turn an order around, that means run the charge and push the order to the fulfillment team, then there’s turn around time there, and another delay to receive and issue tracking info). As Steph said, the whole process is getting faster every week, and we’re working on some dramatic system improvements to be released later this year.

In any event, keep an eye out for your tracking info, that should be released/activated shortly.

@Teke @id8872 I recieved my order yesterday - I am in Kansas, USA. so, 8 days including a weekend from order to delivery.

Amazing turnaround time <3 spark!


Thanks guys. Yes the 2-3 days threw me off. I got me dispatch email this morning.


Sorry about the confusion all! :slight_smile:

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12 days and my Spark is in my hands. Less than 2 weeks, got to be happy with that.
Nothing else got done today while I play with my spark :smile:

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