Team traveling, apologies for slow responses

Hi all,

This week our team is in a state of flux. @Steph and I are at CES; @will and @dave are on their way to China to oversee our second manufacturing run; @jgoggins and @zachary are on vacation. This leaves @mohit as the sole team member to man the fort.

For this reason, we may not be up to our own expectations for responsiveness this week, both on the forum and on We’ll do our best to stay on top of it, but please forgive us if we’re slow or miss your message, and we’ll be back to normal operations next week.


Hi @zach do you know when will you send core in this month ?

@spark I’m not sure if I follow your question… what do you mean?

@zach I mean , i ordered spark core 12/11/2013. I got an email shipping will be January 2014. What is your plan ? when will be 2nd delivery?

Steph from the spark team told me 2 days ago that most but not all pre-orders have already been shipped. It’s possible your core is already on it’s way.

Are you sure about that? because I did not receive any mail for shipping details.

That’s just what she told me. I have some pre-orders as well but haven’t received a tracking number yet. There is a delay in the spark team getting those from the company shipping them. Plus Steph is at CES, so I imagine there will be a little bit longer delay in sending out the shipping details.

May we get after actual delivery of core.:wink:

The first batch of pre-orders did ship, but if you ordered after we changed our shipping date to January, you are getting yours out of the second manufacturing run, which is happening now and will be shipping within the next two weeks.

@zach, i had order on 13 Nov 2013. Please, confirm the whether this order in first batch or 2nd. Thank you very much.