Anyone received their cores? Or a dispatch notice?

I know its in the hands of seeedstudio, just wondering has anyone received their cores yet?
I had a simple, 2-core kickstarter order so was hoping to get a dispatch this week.

Hey @dermotos - we sent out the first batch of tracking numbers today. Unfortunately we don’t get tracking numbers until a few days after shipping, so it’s possible yours has shipped, but we won’t be able to let you know until we hear back from Seeed.

Cool! Thanks for the reply. No major rush, just trying to figure out if I’ll have 'em before christmas!

No worries, wish we had more info ourselves :slight_smile:

I Hope Mine is in the first Batch… (-:

Mine won’t be in the first batch :frowning:
I pre-ordered 2 cores in september or something.

I got a tracking number yesterday! I’m too excited!

I remember these december cores are for Kickstarter backers and normal pre-orders ships in January?

My KS order included the maker kit that wasn’t even finished when shipping started and few cores with different antennas, so I have very low hopes to get mine in time for a christmas light gadget. It would anyway have been a temporary purpose for the gadget, so I don’t stress about it.

Hello Spark Team,
How many orders were you able to ship already? I guess you would have around 5000 orders/packages to ship…
I’m waiting for the “Connection Kit” that includes also the maker kit… any chances to have it shipped over Europe and received before Christmas holidays?

Thank you,

Hi everybody - according to our fulfillment company they’ve shipped almost half of our kickstarter orders so far! We are hopeful that all remaining orders will be sent out by the end of the weekend (knock on wood!)

As Zach mentioned, it takes the fulfillment co a few days to get us tracking numbers, so while around 2500 packages have sent out, I’ve only sent out 1250 tracking numbers so far. Expecting a big batch of them tomorrow!

We’ll be shipping as many pre-orders as possible as soon as we’re done with Kickstarter orders.

Now it’s time to hope that the postal systems around the world are moving quickly :wink:

@Steph that’s great news! Where are they being shipped from and what’s the postage type (express, regular etc…)?

I was curious if Spark RC Car Kit is also shipping?

Thx for keeping us updated @Steph :wink:

Hi Sparkers,
I did place my order in July 29th. Should it be in the first two batches? Thanks, Wilfredo

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to update the status page with a “When can you expect your order to be sent?”-status?
Seems like a lot of people would like to know when they can expect their order.

Something like:
kickstarter orders-> first batch
complex kickstarter orders -> after shields are all done
order in July -> first batch
order in September -> second batch

Basically a timeline of shipments :wink:

@skyvoyager Yes! Ordered RC Car Kits are shipping (and can use this sweet new bash script by Joe:

@Palliser Yep! Yours is in the first batch of pre-orders just checked :smile:

@Joris I love that idea! Definitely something we’ll think about doing in the future. One of the reasons we haven’t done that so far is that certain elements of timing depends on how fast our fulfillment house works so on this shipment we’ve been sharing details as we get them! 100% going to keep that in mind for future products we may launch :wink:

Thanks for the support all!

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I just got my tracking number by swispost!!

Hi @Steph,

Some of the posts here suggest the maker kit/shields aren’t yet completed, hence those kits would come later. Is that correct, or are all KS pledges likely to be shipped out in the next few days?


Hey @andrew - from what I’m hearing from China, I’m very very hopeful that everything (including maker kits!) will have been shipped to Kickstarter backers by end of day Saturday :smile:

I’ll do my best to remember to post an update here as I get daily reports!

Thank you Steph. Best wishes for you and the Spark team. You sparks!