March 2014 deliveries/production


I’ve preordered a Spark core for the March 2014 production run. Is it possible that the sparks could be delivered earlier? Or is March a best case date?

I really want it to arrive so I can get hacking away!


Hey @turkeywelder! It is Chinese New Year at the moment so our manufacturer is closed - meaning we’re in a bit of a scheduling holding pattern (i.e. we don’t know an exact date for completion of the run). As everyone gets back we’ll be able to provide more definitive information as to when exactly we’re talking in March. And trust me when I say we do everything to get these turned around as quickly as possible,we were just talking in the office about how we need more Cores here too!


No worries, I’m by no means rushing you - I just wondered whether March was optimistic or not. I presume with it being a fairly new product and you only being a couple of runs in there’ll still be unexpected things to come up (and I know how seriously they’ll be taking new year!).

Thanks for getting back to me, looking forward to news (and more blog posts)

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March 2014, anxious, any update? Thanks…

Im keen for an update too… cant wait to put the core to use

The homepage “Store” link has changed to: Estimated shipping is the end of March/early April 2014.

So I reckon that means April. Bit of a shame really, but I’m sure they’re not hanging around on purpose.

Hey all (@turkeywelder @Hootie81 @EdwardE) - we’re still looking at March (last week) for this new run of Cores to be ready to ship. Waiting on a final date for shields, as they have been slowed a bit. As soon as we have definitive info on that we’ll do a big update to pre-orderers.

I think we ordered enough of everything to last for a while and move us into real-time shipping, but then again we thought that last time and our sales tripled…that’s definitely where we want to be, just a matter of balancing being a young company, paying for manufacturing and having inventory always at the ready…soon :wink:


@Steph if we have a shield on the same order as the spark will the whole lot get delayed? or can you send the core as soon as they are available and then send the shields as they are available?

Is there a way to cancel my order from beginning of january ?
I ordered it at a chinees website and they are available now since one week .
Looks like sold the batch of januari to some webstores in china .
But i am happy -> i will have mine in a few days .
So i do not need my order from spark anymore -> i will order more at this webshop when the first arrived :wink:

Hi @tekkel,

Just out of curiosity, which site did you order from, can you send me a link?


Sorry to bump such an old thread but I’ve just had my card charged! Can’t wait for it to arrive! Will there be a blog post about the latest escapades from the team in China?

Thanks to all at spark!

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Yes, me. too. I got an email yesterday about a delay to shipment, and then today my paypal account was charged. Seems a bit confusing, but no problem if the items are on their way.

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Got my cores today (yay!)

I don’t want to seem impatient, but any news on when the shields are expected?

(It was the shields that I really needed to do any development work. I managed to brick one of cores from the first run (flashing white light only even after factory reset) so want to try to unbrick that before continuing development with the others.)

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A while back I received an email about the delay to a couple of Cores and a relay shield which I had ordered. The email said that the delay was small, and things should be ready to ship by the 2nd week of April. As the 2nd week of April is next week, I was just wondering if this date is still on track or if there have been further delays.

I got an email warning about a production delay a while back.

Then I saw my paypal account get charged last week so I figured that meant the cores were on their way.
I got another email today though saying there’s a production delay.

I thought I only get charged when the devices are ready to ship?

@Steph Can I get some clarification?

@kareem613 From our viewpoint orders only get charged when we actively charge you (in our system your order is still listed as open.)

However Paypal is weird, and from my understanding basically “pre-approves” your funds without authorizing them. It makes it easy to do cancellations/refunds/etc but is I agree very confusing. I’ve asked the ecommerce site we work with to add some language to the payment system that explains some of the limitations and idiosyncrasies of PayPal (i.e. we can’t change an order if it uses PayPal, but can change an order if it uses Stripe for payment).

Here’s a bit of info on how PayPal works with the Celery system:

Hope that provides some clarity -

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@jonathan We truly thought that the delay would be small and done with quickly. However it is unfortunately due to something (customs slow downs) that is 100% out of our control. It makes the whole situation unbelievably frustrating, but we are doing what we can. We know a ton of you had projects planned with Cores and Shields involved so we feel especially bad about this delay.

Fingers are crossed that we will hear some good news this weekend but with politics involved you never know!

Do know that more than anything in the world we want to get Cores produced and shipped and bring @will back to experience a Minnesota spring.

(okay, maybe not more than anything in the world. I want a private island retreat, a solution to frizzy hair, and you know, world peace, but particularly I want Cores to be ready)


Thanks for clarifying.
Really I’m just disappointed I don’t have my cores yet. That charge got my hopes up. :slight_smile:

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hi @Steph any updates on this? its coming up to end of April now and still no sign of my cores

Hey there! I guess you didn’t receive the email we sent out last week? We’re shipping this week :slight_smile: