Payment via paypal

I would like to pre-order a handful of spark cores, but I would prefer to pay via Paypal. Do you think this will be supported before the release?

It is possible…we’re still working on it and figuring out how best to integrate paypal with our current set-up. I do believe you can pay via paypal on Seeed Studio:

Hope that helps!

Thanks for this Steph - I did order some cores from seeedstudio.

Any updates/news on if/when paypal will be part of the spark store?
(I’d like to order a few more cores, plus some shields from the spark shop, all via paypal if possible.)

@mdma Hey Matthew - working on getting the new ecommerce site up (which will accept paypal). Timing depends on our bandwidth in the next 2 weeks but I’m hopeful we’ll get it up there by the end of next week :smile:

wow, that’s great news!

Hi Steph, I was googling for spark stuff and found Without thinking, I placed an order - #1002. I did get a confirmation mail, but now I see the shop is beta - did you get a copy of the order, and will you be able to fullfill? Thanks!

Aha! I was wondering where that order came from @mdma :slight_smile: We’re actually not taking orders from that site right now. Is it okay if I cancel your order in paypal? About to add it to our other site.

Sure cancel the order if that’s easiest. Sorry for my eagerness! :slight_smile:

No worries @mdma I’m impressed you found the store :wink: Paypal is live on now btw

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Great! I’ll place my order. The site says that expected shipping is March - if I place an order with no cores - for just a JTAG shield and a Shield shield will that ship sooner? Thanks!