Spark Core on Maker Shed!

Hey Guys!

Maker Shed ordered Cores for their inventory back when we did our second manufacturing run, and they’re now up on their site! This means they have Cores in stock right now (while they last), and can ship them in 1-2 days. They have Spark Maker Kits and Chip Antenna Cores. Thought you guys would want to know first! :slight_smile:



Congratulation SPARK CORE!!!


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the heads up. Have you sent any cores over the water? (UK/Europe?)




Looks like they need an updated cover picture of the V1.0 board though :smile:

I picked up a extra on while I wait for the other 2 I ordered from your next run. I’m having fun with all this learning.

Hey @Julian - in fact we’ve shipped to 61 countries so far!

I was wondering if you had a UK distributor. Having asked that question if your business plan allows for dealing with thousands of individual customers then that is the way to go. I would rather deal direct and wait a little longer because it means Spark core get to keep more of my money so that you can do more of what you do!!
The only advantages of a local distributor to me would be increased speed of delivery (this is not really an issue when you are constrained by manufacturing runs) and lower postage costs. I think you P&P is reasonable.

I am very excited to receive mine (it is on order).

Do you have a page somewhere showing the current phase of manufacturing?

Is it your intention to offer from stock at some stage or are you manufacturing in fits and starts to enable updates to the hardware or cash constraints?

Thank you spark core. Love what you do.

Hey @Julian we are working on a distribution deal with an awesome site in the UK. That’s about all i can say for the moment but it is something we’re working on.

It is absolutely our intention to offer from stock in the future. We’ve run into the excellent problem of way outselling our expectations which has meant our stock has run out far faster than we intended.

This current manufacturing run is three times the size of the last and is intended to last for a few months.

Thanks for all the support Julian!


Hi @Steph,

Go team Spark!!