Arrival dates for europe and datasheet?

So for my final year at high school ICT in belgium, we got a whole year spanding project that involves sending information using wifi.
We start the project at the end of september but i do really want to use this device, we can wait till the 20th of october (maybe even a few days later).
So my question is: when could i expect the arrival in belgium, europe and where can i find a datasheet to prepare for the arrival and already learn a great deal of working with the spark core?

Thx in advance Rob
Ps: Sorry for my english writing skills.

i’d be interested to hear updates about this too, what’s the status of UK retailers?

Hi @Ropnetik - unfortunately we can’t confirm arrival in belgium, but I expect it will take about 10 days after shipment. As for the datasheet, we’ll be publishing a whole new set of documentation upon shipment that you should be able to use to get your feet wet. Hope that helps!


We’re looking into retail partnerships, but so far we’ve made the most progress with distributors in the U.S. and Seeed Studio. Anyone in particular that we should be connecting with in the UK?

CPC (farnell) is probably your best bet in the UK, they stock arduino/pi/beagle stuff

For Australia littlebirdelectronics seem to pretty much replicate the sparkfun catalogue, so you might want to get in contact with those guys too!

Thanks guys! Keep 'em coming; would love to know the best potential distributors around the world!

also in the UK there’s skpang, hobbytronics, proto-pic, phenoptix and oomlout but they’re all pretty expensive, they resell adafruit kit with quite a markup. CPC is bigger than any of them and has good prices, customer service and fast shipping. on the highstreet there’s maplin, but they’re a bit of a joke like radioshack Could also be worth a shot,they ship to all of europe i think(i’m sure they ship to belgium).

Hope this helps. for the UK, for Switzerland

Velleman is actually a Belgian company. :slight_smile:

A German company that has branch offices in entire europe. They already sell arduino’s and rasp pi’s. is also a German company and is all about electronics and dev boards. Shipping to the entire world, but I think their customers are from europe mostly. is a Dutch company with an excellent customer service ( personal opinion) mainly about electronics and arduino. Shipping within the Netherlands and to Belgium.
(Let me know if you need help translating from/to Dutch or contacting them )

Hi zach, couple of more suggestions: - Covers most, if not all of europe - Huge - Covers 32 countries