UK spark advert

@Steph, just thought you might like to know how the spark core advert looks in in the CPC magazine.

This is the CPC magazine that goes to all their customers.

I think it looks really good.


This is awesome - thanks so much for the pic! We’re so happy with CPC, they’ve been great to work with!

It was through that CPC advert that I found about the Spark Core.

I bought one a few days ago, and I’ll certainly be buying some more!


Hhmm. CPC only deliver in UK?

Hey @digixx,

They are the UK agents / distributors for spark. I suspect they will deliver overseas but that will depend on the agreement they have with Spark core. Where are you based ? @Steph is the best person to advise your local supplier. I have used CPC a few times and they seem very efficient.

I’am based in Switzerland. If you checkout your cart, only UK is available in the country selector.

Hi @digixx,

@Steph, do you have a distributor in sunny Switzerland? If not you can order direct from Spark. If push comes to shove I can send you one, my cousin lives just outside Zurich so I am sure we can sort you out one way or another.

We just need to work out the best way so that you can get what you want ASAP.


@Julian @digixx no distributor in Switzerland just yet but I’d love to get one there and in Germany shortly. Working on it :smile:

I often order from Play-Zone, but there are others in Switzerland like or
In Germany there is

Thanks for the recommendations @digixx!!


14. Juli 2014: placed order
05. August 2014: charged
11. August 2014: Departure from border point of origin country 
18. August 2014: Arrival at border point of destination country 
19. August 2014: Delivered 

there is some improvement possible…

Hi @digixx,

Is this a purchase you made from spark direct? I know when I ordered my first one they were waiting for a delivery / manufacturing run. Since then supply has been super easy (all be it through CPC).

I am sorry that you have had a bad experience. Maybe @Steph can shed some light on the reasons for the delay in sending (if you order was with Spark direct).

I have called CPC in the UK and they say that if you contact them by email to then they will be happy to post items to Switzerland. So now you can enjoy the same fast service I do, even from sunny Switzerland. (until @Steph sets up a local distributor).

Hope that helps.

Yes, this purchase was from spark directly. I did not found any source elsewhere.

CPC seem to be out of stock at the moment of the chip antenna version.

I’m a bit wary of ordering direct from Spark based on the above info provided by digixx…

@daneboomer, inventory is now in San Francisco and handled by a professional logistics shipped with international carriers. There should not be any issues. :wink:

@daneboomer that’s good and bad news. Hope you get some hardware soon. I think I bought my fare share from CPC. In fact my wife would say that I am the sole reason that they have run out!! (she is a little unfair)

Is there any estimate when CPC or any other UK supplier/distributer may get shipments of the new Spark Photon.

… or for those in hurry should an order be made direct ?

Hi @Roscoe,

Those in hurry for Photon, according to Spark store should wait. First batch is expected in March and it’s already gone; the second is planned for May.

so the question is
Order from Spark for May time availability
wait till who knows when they get shipped to distributors, which could be ???

Does any Spark people know if any the May production is likely to be allocated to UK suppliers such as Farnell/CFC ?

Hi @roscoe - Photons being completed for May shipment will be allocated to distributors, so you can expect CPC and Cool Components to have Photons around late May. We will keep everyone updated on this timeline if it changes, thanks!