Flashing Green Monster

I was so happy to get my core working for about 2 whole weeks. I made this:

and this:

But low and behold it is now in the flashing green monster mode -where whatever I do it will not connect, and just flashes green.

I have read a lot of posts about the same thing happen, but none really get to a resolution. I have tried:

  • 3 different wifi connections
  • connecting right next to the router
  • factory reset
  • carefully double checking all the SSID etc.
  • reset, cleared memory, unplugged and retired multiple times.

I also notice that when I am in the process of connecting the LED switches off entirly, it then flashes blue, and then goes into the green flash mode, and does not connect. It did not switch off before (when it was working).

What should I try?

Got into the same situation, and this was my first day programming it. Doesn’t seem like a very stable environment… Too bad, because it seems very promising.

I was finally able to get it back to work after many tries. What made it work was installing the driver using zadig, installing dfu-util, and using Spark-CLI to flash CC3000. Flashing the deep update by itself didn’t fix the issue.


Yep flash the cc3000 update and then you will need to flash tinker again then it should work.