Core Flashing Green

Out of about 80 Cores so far, I have four that are flashing green after initial WiFi Credential setup. (They cannot connect to wifi or the cloud).

I have tried flashing the CC33000 patch via dfu-util, but this did not help.

Any Idea what’s wrong here?
I could load my firmware.bin via dfu-util and it runs fine. But all the WIFI / Cloud functions do not work as it can’t connect.
Again, that’s 4 out of about 80 that show this problem. To me, that’s a pretty disappointing ratio… Bad quality control?

Oh, and out of the same 80, I have two with a bad RGB LED. Only one or two colors work. Looks like bad soldering to me. If you push down on it, it does make contact and the LEDs work.


That might be something for a support ticket.

If these are defective devices Particle has always been easy about replacing such.