[Core] Status of the Green Blinking LED of Death bug?

Howdy all,

Wanted to bring up this issue with the cores. After some period of time (days, weeks, months) cores that have been behaving fine suddenly stop being able to connect to WiFi (blinking green). Power cycling, clearing & adding wifi creds does not solve the issue.
The only fix, after the fact, is to flash cc3000 patch and cross your fingers that it doesn’t happen again.

I’ve seen some topics from a year ago about this topic, but haven’t seen a conclusive way to prevent the issue. Any updates on this bug? Any way to prevent it from occurring, or detect/fix it in situ without having to flash the cc300 patch?

I’ve still got a few hundred Cores out in the wild that I need to support, and this issue seems to crop up every once in a while.

Hmmm unfortunately the CC3000 acts up once in a while. Not sure if the V1.14 driver makes things more stable…