Cannot connect Core to WiFi any longer after strange behavior

I was almost finishing my first project the first day I got the Core, and suddenly it insisted on always running the flashed program (couldn’t get it to flash a new program). I eventually did a factory reset, but since then, I’m not able to get it to connect again to the WiFi network. This is the sequence I’m getting:

  • Factory reset, starts blinking blue.
  • Connect with the Android app, send the credentials, get solid blue light for a few seconds, and then I get flashing green light, but it never exits that situation.

I’ve tried installing the USB driver for Windows, running dfu-util after setting it in DFU mode, and the only thing I get is: “Cannot open DFU device 0b05:17cb”

I’m surprised how the device could get so easily in such a difficult state to recover, especially since I was not doing anything special/advanced at the time.

Any help is appreciated to see if I can still recover the device.


I was finally able to get it back to work after many tries. What made it work was installing the driver using zadig, installing dfu-util, and using Spark-CLI to flash CC3000. Flashing the deep update by itself didn’t fix the issue.

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