Feature request for the Web IDE - Import / Export projects

In my opinion it would be very important to have the possibility to Export and Import an application from and to the Web IDE. Maybe in conjunction with a github account ? Another Option would be the possibility to fork an app in the IDE to a second Version with different Name.

Any thoughts on this ?



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@baatsm, this has been suggested by other members, especially when using Spark CLI. I believe @Dave has it on his todo list. :smile:

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Yup! This is on my list, and I think it would be a really awesome feature. If you wanted, you could work around this by compiling using the spark-cli ( https://github.com/spark/spark-cli#spark-compile ) in the meantime, and then you can work in your favorite editor, use version control, etc.


When I use the WebIDE it is very painful to maintain different states of my code. Download a project as .zip would be fantastic. Upload too.

Can I upload localy compiled code over wifi to the device?

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A simple “Save AS” would also be nice. I like to save my code in stages so that I can go back and load a previous version if a problem has surfaced. The only way now is to start a new App and then copy/paste the previous version in.

If we’re making suggestions anyway; some kind of folder structure for your apps might be nice as well. Currently it’s a rather long list of endless apps. I’ve got like 10 duplicates of a “test” app. It’d be nice if we could put those into folders. That way we can keep our own version system if we have to, but ensure that we haven’t got a list of 20 different versions.
@jgoggins, I choose to believe the IDE stuff is your area of expertise (I might be mistaken). It’d be nice if you could add this to your to-do list somewhere, if it isn’t on there already.
Thanks in advance!

Yep, checkout the CLI docs, you can do spark flash 0123456789ABCDEFGHI my_project though technically it’s not “local compilation” because it requires a network. The CLI uses the Spark Rest API to take a bunch-o-firmware-source-code, turn it into a binary, and send it via WiFi to a connected core.

Definitely on the download bit, already in the backlog. I’m not sure about upload capability though, instead, I think we’ll likely provide some kind of CLI/IDE “sync” command that will allow you to sync a local folder with an app in the Web IDE.

Yea, this would be cool. Even a simple single level of organization would help.

I’ve been managing the backlog of that project for a while, but as we grow as a company, I’m thinking @richard will be helping out with this too.

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Hmm, yea, that would be nice wouldn’t it :smile: Added to the backlog. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Any progress on this? A simple export project to zip (download) would be awesome (for safe keeping)

Hey @BaSS , thanks for the reminder ping. No progress at this point. However, we’re very close to hiring and onboarding some serious technical muscle on this side of the Spark house and this is dang close to the top of the backlog, so it shouldn’t be too long. Will be sure to ping folks on this thread and these threads too when we start working on this:


It would also be nice if you can clone a project with a new name.

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Any progress here?

Any news?

I need to export a project that is composed of multiple classes and save it to github.

another vote for movement in this area. I was trying to ask this question when I asked about project management on the we IDE the other day, but i haven’t seen much response to it. If we even had the ability to know where the files were so we could do some file management that would be great :slight_smile: Thanks!

Yes, plase implement the ability to download the source files from the Web IDE (possibly in a single click).

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Hi. Not sure if there are any updates. Is there a way to fork/clone one of my own apps. Currently have to copy/paste then link all libraries. Not sure if the ‘fork this library’ function can be extended for this. Thanks

No improvement on that side yet :pensive:

The download would indeed be really useful.
Can you please provide some feedback on this ?