Feature request for the Web IDE - Import / Export projects

@YbuQc, the Particle folks will be working over the coming months to totally revamp their development tools, including the portability of libraries and apps between the IDE, DEV and CLI. Stay tuned on details as they become available. :grinning:

:+1: That’s a very good news !
Thanks for the info!

Yeah, I’ve been looking for a “Save As…” feature in the WEB IDE - cloning to a new version is very clunky at the moment,

Not sure if this is the best place for this but.

Would be great to see some filtering ability in the dashboard. Would like to be able to see just the publish posts from one board or even filter by Event.


Is there an ETA for the reworked set of tools?

Over The Air?

ETA, estimated time of arrival.

Yup, now after you have edited the post it makes sense :wink: Before you had OTA there.

But no, still no ETA yet.

OTA was a typo.

Back to the software tools, the current offer acts as a show-stopper. Web IDE is not an option for reliability and security reasons.

Particle (then Spark) seemed very promising, and I really enjoyed working with the initial Spark Core. But the development tools lag behind, and I’m shifting to another solutions. Sorry.

Although I agree the Web IDE could use some TLC (which I’ve been the most annoying advocate for as long as it’s existed), there’s also Particle Dev for local development and easier file management. Going further, there’s the CLI which would allow you to use any editor, while still making use of the cloud compiler. And finally, there’s the option to set up an entire local toolchain, using your preferred software, while building locally.

What exactly are you missing, and what could be improved that would make a substantial difference? What improvements on the tools does your alternative platform offer that would make you give up on Particle as a whole? I’m looking for ways that Particle can improve, and/or help prioritize issues, not trying to bash other or claim superiority. What is it that frustrates you most about the tools, or the “Particle experience” in general that made you switch?

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I’m going to give po-util a try, as suggested by @nrobinson2000.

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