Web IDE <-> Desktop IDE import/export?

Is something like this planned?
To be able to save all project files on disk and work in Desktop IDE (Particle one or other one) and reupload later?

Something like this has been requested before.

I think a Git integration would be ideal personally.

Also, you could use Cloud 9, which provides a nice environment with a Ubuntu virtual machine, so you can you use particle-cli, po-util with your git repositories.

Is there any update on this feature? I have a few projects that I started in the Web IDE but now I’m trying to switch over to Desktop IDE. Is there any simpler way besides just copy pasting the code from browser to desktop?

In the web IDE, next to the project’s name, there should be a .zip download button that’ll download the files for that project, making life a little bit easier.
Further improvements are being worked on if I’m not mistaken.

Yes, I see it. That will take care of my problem.