Working in the web IDE with code stored in Github

Newbie question time: I would like to continue to use the web IDE as that seems the easiest way for anyone else to absorb my code. However, I would also like my code to be stored in Github as being without revision control makes my skin itch and I’m tired of cutting-and-pasting from the web IDE into my Github repo.

What is the simplest (or closest-to) way of doing this? FYI, my code is not much more than a few source files and a reference to a third-party library.

You might want to try using Github Gist. It easily lets you host snippets of code and small projects.

How would I get the code I put there into the web IDE though?

Yeah… You would still have to copy and paste unfortunately.

I recommend that you transition over to Particle Dev. It lets you write code on your computer locally and flash code with the Particle Cloud.

I thought that might be the answer. I’ll give it a try. Thanks.

Particle Dev is great because you can work on code in a repository to easily share your code on Github.