Web IDE integration with GitHub?

It’d be great if I could checkin my code to GitHub directly from the Web IDE, any chance this could be added as a feature?

Thanks for building such an awesome product!


This has been requested multiple times, and is on the backlog (as far as I’m aware). We just have to wait a bit for them to have enough time (or people) to work on it. Don’t worry, it’ll get there though :)!

Per chance is there a way to vote backlog items up as a way for the community to express interest in particular features (like this one)?


@Moors7 is this still on the backlog?

Yup, it is, but work on it has already started a while ago.

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Just thought I’d bump this to incite interest and see if it’s ready yet.

Interest yes; ready, unfortunately, no. It’s still something that needs to be done at some point, but given the fact that you could be using Dev with a version control of your own, I don’t think it’s been top-priority. That’s not to say that I don’t think it shouldn’t be implemented, but I can understand other things having priority.

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Can anyone recommend a good ground up idiots guide to setting up and using a version control system? I’ve had a look a few times but mostly I seem to come across documentation that assumes you know how to use it already or already have a configured server etc etc. Using Git/whatever with Dev would be way more flexible than my current approach of copying the folder and keeping everything on a cloud drive.

This might help?