Web IDE: Back apps with git?

I don’t usually like Web IDEs, but I have to say you’ve done a great job on the Spark Cloud one!

However, one thing that makes me nervous is that there is no source control: if I change my app and bork it up there isn’t a way for me to get back to the last version that was working.

Any plans to back the Web IDE apps with git (or similar)?

Perhaps every successful verify, and/or save, could be made into a commit behind the scens, perhaps optionally prompting for a commit message. That would let you add a ‘revert to’ option to the IDE. I’d be happy with an optional explicit commit feature if putting into verify and/or save is too cumbersome for people who don’t care about source control.

For bonus points I’d love to be able to get to this git repo directly, so I could keep a local copy. That would let me make backups though my usual machine backup procedures. Being able to push directly would also be very handy: I could update the sketch locally, push the change to the repo, then go into the Web IDE to do the verify and flash steps.


I really like this idea, maybe even just have a way to download the WebIDE project to the machine you are working on and have that folder be your local GIT repo until it can be connected directly to GIT with the WebIDE?

If I didn’t know any better, I would think the way they are going to allow linking to external libraries will be through saved URLs, which could easily be a raw file link at a github repo.

Hopefully if that’s the case, it’s extended to the application.cpp file as well, to allow us to link that file externally.

Then we are just a few steps away from hooking up the web IDE (aka Sparkulator) to our Github repo.

Even without the direct control of Github from the Sparkulator, it wouldn’t be too bad to initially code locally, push to github, then refresh your Sparkulator page to pull changes into the editor, then build/flash.

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I would apprieciate that as well.

BTW -is the Web IDE open-source? I looked at github but didn’t find it.
The best way would be to allow to link your github account and work on the files synchronizink with some of your repo on demand.

any word if this feature will be supported anytime soon?