Version controlling personal spark projects in the WebIDE

Hello, i have been working on lot of pet projects in the WebIDE and i am trying to figure out if there is a version controlling option inside the WebIDE itself. My wish is to have an ability to hook the WebIDE to my personal repository (let it be master) in GitHub and have the IDE pull changes from there and update the code. This way i will not get have to do my development in notepad++ else where and manually commit the changes and then paste them in the WebIDE to publish the firmware.

How do you guys do it? Are there any pro-tips? I found this interesting and will try it out.

There is version control for libraries, since these are stored in github, but not version control for the main application.

As a hack, you could push most of your application code down into a library. E.g. just have a library with setup() and loop() and call those directly from your app.

Then all your library code (which is actually your application code) exists in github.

Just a disclaimer - I’ve not tried it - it may or may not work, but worth a shot! :slight_smile: