Saving in Web IDE

I am relatively new to programming and certainly still make (many!) mistakes.

I am having trouble using the Web IDE as I can’t go back to a previous working version when I make a mess as I can’t save different versions… there doesn’t seem to be a ‘Save as’ command so I can save different versions of the project e.g. project_v0.1 and project_v0.2

I know I could just copy and paste it into a local document but I would need to do that with all the library files (most of my projects are multiple files).

Does anyone have a work around for this?


gorstj, unfortunately this is how the web IDE works for now. The only work arounds are:

  1. Locally compile your code and transfer to your core via USB or the Spark CLI
  2. Use the Spark CLI to both compile and program your core (wirelessly) with local files

Both require installing some local tools which vary depending on your operating system. If you tell me which operating system you use, I can point you to some good instructions. :smile:

Are there plans for some form of git integration?

jkusnier, this is definitely being requested by a bunch of folks and in the Spark Team’s list of to-dos.

Thanks for your replies

I am running Mac Os X but am happy to run a VM.

I am happy to install the local tools, but ideally I need a GUI editor as I make extensive use of copy & paste!! and I like the way Arduino IDE and the web IDE colour code things to make it easier to read and a single button to run the build process with easy to follow debug information.

I like the idea of backing up/logging changes to something like bitbucket, this is how I worked my previous project on the Arduino IDE and the Mac app ‘SourceTree’ (this is what I want to port to Spark but using an OLED screen and web/app monitoring of the device)

any updates on the Web IDE/github integration feature?

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