Spark CLI compile -> Store in the WEB IDE

I am actively using the spark cli more and more…but recently ive been thinking, what if i want to edit the code from another computer?

is there any way we can make a flag of some sort that will store the source into our web ide when we upload / compile? it seems like the source is uploaded for a server side compile each time anyway, right?

i feel like spark would do a better job of version control than i currently do locally. at least eventually they would.

just a thought for a sunday eve at 1am.


There’s a github issue I posted some time back for spark app add etc…

I use Dropbox for this sort of thing sometimes. Edit anywhere, build at home. Old versions are a click away.

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I really like this feature idea! What do you think about something like the app command described here:

This is something that I think would be really valuable, and I love the idea of encouraging / allowing best practices with something like source control as well.


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