Compiling and using latest firmware to get benefit of bugfixed codebase


I would like to compile hal on my computer (ideally on my Mac, but could use a windows box if it’s easier ) but I’m unsure whether this would mean I would no longer use the web IDE for uploading code.

I want to use the very latest firmware to get some of the bug fixes for problems I am encountering.


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@daneboomer, compiling locally does mean you no longer use the web IDE for uploading code BUT you can use Particle CLI for doing that! In fact, with CLI you can also program over USB as well. :smile:

huh?? are you saying we can compile the latest develop branch with the cli?

@Hootie81, no you cannot. The reference to CLI was in response to the OP asking if he could no longer use the web IDE for uploading his code. :slight_smile:

well if you compile locally you can also flash locally over usb using dfu-util, you don’t need the spark-cli or web ide.

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Thanks all. Would anyone mind just pointing me in the right direction? I’ve not used github before. I take it the point to this is that if I compile locally I can upload some new firmware to my Cores? THANKS

there’s lots (maybe too many?!) of threads on here about local build setups, the official one is at

we probably should write some sort of vagrant+ansible setup so everyone can have a build environment in a vm.