Survey: Spark-CLI user

Just want to do a quick survey on how many people is using Spark-CLI relatively actively! :smiley:

:heart: this post if you do. (I’m a fanboy of SPARK-CLI btw…seriously typing some commands as we speak)

If you have a feedback on how we can better spread the word about the awesomeness of Spark-CLI, comment below! :smiley:


To get started with the core I’m using it, had issue with the web IDE. Spark cli is fairly intuitive… but thats coming from a linux user… so take it with a grain of salt I guess.

I use the spark CLI for relatively small stuff and local compiling for the complicated stuff. I really like being able to compile and flash OTA. :smile:

On the one hand, I can’t really say “relatively actively” right now, but that’s because I just haven’t had enough time to play with my :spark: recently, in general. But I have played with the CLI, and I can think of lots of ways I could use it (and probably will).

I use it regularly. I have a high latency internet connection so I cloud compile and flash locally. The other services a useful for diagnostics or analysis.

I haven’t been using it because of initial issues with serial debugging turned me away from it temporarily and I just haven’t gotten back to trying it because I haven’t been hearing of updates to it… but for the most part I develop locally because that’s way faster than OTA updates. For quick compile tests I like the web IDE (Sparkulator) because it’s visual and I have all of my Core’s sitting pretty in there ready to select.

If we could develop a Sublime Text Package that incorporates the Spark CLI functionality, but compiles and programs locally, I think that would be the Killer App.

Hmm, oooh… just had a great idea. Setting up toolchains is a pain in the you know what… not many people want to do it. MOST people just want to download a TOOL and go to town with it. So, somehow (programming elves)… make a local GUI version of the web IDE using something like Sublime Text Package or Processing like Arduino did, or even Visual C++, and Utilize the Spark Cloud to compile your source, but instead of flashing your Core OTA, download your BIN from the Cloud and program locally using DFU-UTIL in the background! It would be Super fast, and a lightweight install for all users. cc: @Dave

Please don’t tell me this already exists, because I’d feel kinda out of the loop on the cool stuff.


Here is my sublime build system for the spark core. In linux, I drop it in:

	"cmd": ["make"],
	"working_dir": "${project_dir:${folder}}/build",
			"name": "Clean",
			"cmd": ["make", "clean"]
			"name": "Flash (DFU)",
			"cmd": ["spark", "flash", "firmware", "core-firmware.bin"]

Ctrl+b will do a make in the build directory.

Ctrl+Shift+p, type clean to make clean

Ctrl+Shift+p, type flash to run spark flash firmware core-firmware.bin and flash via USB. You could also add a variant to flash via the cloud pretty easily.

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That sounds like spark cloud compile to me in Spark-cli and the cloud download button in WebIDE. Clearly u missed it… :wink:

I believe at some point in time when more APIs for the WebIDE gets released (maybe) we can make the local gui or 1 click download tool!

yeah but… it’s not the same as this: One click FLASH that uploads to the cloud (Unicorns Inhale), compiles, downloads the bin, and programs locally via dfu-util (Unicorns exhale)… boom!

That’s if your code is flawless when compiled and some magical hands to put the core in DFU.

But still I love the idea. I’m always having a One click keys repair in my list. Well at least for windows users. You need too much stuff installef as a beginner just to repair keys!

For those who are following this post, just a screenshot to show how useful the Spark-Cli is to me.

I literally fire it up the moment my core starts breathing :smiley:

I’m hoping to write up a simple tutorial to spread the awareness and capabilities of the Spark-CLI while we start working on better docs to serve the word.

For now, WINDOWS user :D, you can follow my tutorial to install Spark-CLI and take over the world :wink:

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I tried this and I’m not figuring it out quite as easily as I thought I would… so I’m adding it to my backlog and will revisit it in a couple weeks! I think it worked, but there’s more to it that I need to set up:

Definitely want to get this hooked up so that I can edit a file called application_FacebookLikes1.cpp, press CTRL+B (this is also F7 btw) to perform the following steps:

Make a copy of the file to c:\spark\core-firmware\src\application.cpp
Run my build batch file, or just invoke ‘make’

This way I’m not blowing away my current project because it’s named application.cpp when I do a git pull and it downloads the tinker app again. Sometimes I forget to save it back to the other unique name before I do that pull.

F8 will be a new assigned key dedicated for DFU.

CTRL+SHIFT+B will be make clean, and if I mirror this as SHIFT+F7 I will.

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Hold on this, because a new version of the CLI will be released very shortly with all new commands!


I use Spark-CLI for almost everything. I keep my source files locally under old-fashioned RCS source control and use a Makefile to submit these to the Spark Cloud for compilation. I don’t generate the binary locally, it is loaded into the Spark Cores via the cloud.

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