Build locally + Flash. using Sublime (Or other editor)

I am a heavy Sublime user, I know that Atom is real good too and the choice of many here, but just wanted to see if someone has experience with Sublime and building locally+ flashing.

Basically I want to have version control and more stuff… The current Spark IDE get’s all weird when other files or folders are in the sample place the code is… I also want to build locally… And flash Via USB.

What is your workflow?
Any scripts? Plugins?

@frlobo I’m in the same boat. I prefer VIM/git for editing and version control. My workflow is to have a vim running and a console running. I’m using the CLI to compile/download via the cloud. This was pretty easy to set up and I’ve created a few bash aliases for all of my common CLI commands. This is pretty efficient for me.

Though it does require internet connectivity, that requirement, so far, has been less of an impedance than building and maintaining all the compilation tools locally. So far I’ve been happy with this.

Even though I am also a big fan of Sublime, I use eclipse and have the tool chain setup so I just compile it in there. The only real script I use is one with the curl command to let me flash the core through Wifi. Flash OTA is really nice; right now my sole surviving Spark Core is in my garage monitoring the door, and I can make a change to the firmware and update it in place without having to disassemble anything and take it to my computer.

I’m using Sublime for editing, and a simple shell script that compiles and flashes via the cloud.

The one thing I still use Spark Dev for is the Serial monitoring because I haven’t figured out how to do that on the CLI yet.

Thanks all for the info!

How can one invoque a Shell Script from sublime?