Web IDE Feature suggestion: Archive App

Hi there! I am unsure if this is the right place to put this, but I’ll keep it brief.

Would be great to be able to mark an app “Archived” so it doesn’t show up in the main list and make things messy, but I still have a “snapshot” of old code to refer to. Maybe I am paranoid, but since I have no source control in the web IDE, I do perioidcally create new “builds.”

This would go lovely with an export feature so I can easily put this code in a local filesystem.

I am bracing myself for the hordes saying BUILD LOCALLY USE GIT BRAINSSSS and I’m sure I’ll get there eventually, but part of what makes the Sparkticle a step ahead for me is the web ide flexibility.




I would love to have this feature too or at least versioning to allow for rollback in case a newer version of the code breaks something. I tend to have ugly comments everywhere to allow for rollback, but it is highly manual and fraught with problems.

One thing to check out is Spark Dev which is a local version of the Spark IDE. Interestingly, it does compile to the cloud. I like it, but miss the flexible of “editing code anywhere” that I get with the web IDE.

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Interesting feature suggestion, thanks for that Patrick.
I forwarded this to our Web IDE engineer so he can add this idea to his backlog.

You could check out the Cloud9 IDE. I wanted more flexibility than the Particle web IDE, but I wanted the “edit anywhere” functionality. Cloud9 solves that perfectly (for me anyways)!


This is a really interesting idea! Thank you for adding it to the thread. I am going to check it out. It is particular helpful because I already have a C9 account.