What I would like in Sparkulator (Cloud IDE)

Hi. I just got my cores today. And played about half day with it. Nice job Core Team! I was very happy, but not great wifi… and all this must be online stuff… I know you working on it. I will wait, I’m patient… :wink: So I spotted some things I wish they would be here (nothing important, but nice to have),:

  • Save to file, download code. I know I could easy copy/paste code, but it would be nice to have it.
  • Create new app names apps always upper-case letters. I would like to use both upper an lower case letters.
  • Comments in code is a bit to dark (unless on my monitor). Needs a bit brighter, maybe like row numbers. But maybe it’s my old monitor make them very dark, but code it self is nice bright . Nice would be to have some sort control.

As I said here is nothing important, but nice to have.

Ok I spot something else:

  • In Cloud IDE here is no space in a bottom. I mean if code longer then 65 lines (on my display) you always writing at bottom. I wish it auto scroll and I won’t need always look at bottom of my screen. And then error window appears it blocks some code (~20 lines in my case). Sometimes error screen glitches and stays on and blocking some code. Well if you press 20 times ENTER an the end of code you will be able to scroll down even if glitch appears. But would be nice if we don’t need to do this.

PS. I change title as I was asked.

Thank you for the suggestions! I’ve added them to the feature backlog list.

For the color suggestion, maybe a couple different themes, Monokai, and others :wink: Don’t mess with Monokai please! :slight_smile: Comments look great to me.

Could you change the title of this thread to “What I would like in Cloud IDE”? I think you’re talking about the code editor, not the API that’s used to talk to the Spark Core.

Oh that thing? It only has like 5 different names… Spark IDE, Web IDE, Build, Browser IDE and now Cloud IDE… and someone will probably call it the OTA IDE at some point.

Can’t we come up with a proper name for it like, Sparkulator? “Sparkolating ideas since 2013” Honestly nobody cares about “IDE” except us geeks/nerds. Forget the backlog, renaming the 'IDE should be on the frontlog.

Ok 3:25am… I’m done reading this ARM assembly manual for now… (for the love of your sanity don’t LOOK at it xD )

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+1 it sounds cool, like some super awesome spark generator. By ‘spark’ I mean ideas :wink:

All these sparkified names and puns starts to remind the Smurfs. Also, both Core and Smurfs are tiny, multipurpose thingies with same blue&white color scheme.

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La laaa la la laa laaaa laa la la laa laaaaaaaa! xD

It’s a good thing the Core is not Bluetooth… more like Super Smurf.

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xD Ohh, I’ve been there before! I started ARM Assembly with the Raspberry Pi under RISCOS and had a hard time at first, as I kept slipping back into x86 instructions!

That PDF you linked looks fairly comprehensive, but I thought the ARM Cortex-M line only supported the Thumb2 (.code 16) instructions?

You might be right, I have no idea yet… I’m in absorption mode :wink: This manual is good too and more Cortex M3 based: